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   No Application fee - Terms up to 6 years                                          

                    Easy application by phone, fax mail or internet

                               Vehicle Loan: Maximum $50,000.00

New Auto Loans: 100% financing available, including full purchase price, delivery charges, extended warranty and taxes.

Used Auto Loans: financing available at 100% of book value.

A vehicle loan from your Credit Union offers:

1. Generally lower rates

2. Up to six years to repay loan

3. Even lower rates with automatic payment from a Credit Union account based on payroll deduction or direct deposit

4. Optional Credit Disability Insurance and Credit Life Insurance on most loans           

                                              Is 0% financing really worth it?

Compare 0% financing and $0 rebate from the dealer to the special low rates offered at your credit union along with a cash rebate from the dealership. Go to to see how an auto loan through your credit union is still the best way to go!

                                                   **** Example Only****

                Dealership Loan: $25,000.00 4 year term at 0% and No rebate


                Credit Union loan: $25,000.00 4 year term at 4.95% and $3,000. rebate

                       You will save $525 by taking the rebate and financing through the

                                                                Credit Union!

                           Please call the credit union for Current Rates